extract from an interview with karel bodegom, written by chris reinewald (2010) about the relation between ‘bas van pelt’ and ‘karel bodegom’.

karel bodegom respectfully refers to bas van pelt (1900-1945), as the founder of his store furniture designer, interior architect and entrepreneur who died as a member of the resistance. from 1931 onwards, he distinguished himself with light modernist furniture and customised interiors.

to commemorate him, his family renamed the business from my home to the ever-fresh sounding bas van pelt in equally fresh lower case letters. “visitors experience the store as a cumulation of impressions”, says karel bodegom. “in that maze i serve as the guide, not as the guard because bas van pelt is not a museum”

karel bodegom was an employee and a young interior architect when he took over the family business in 2000. he regularly comes up with unconventional interpretations and alternative uses for existing furniture. to illustrate, he had the otherwise plain upholstering of the rather extreme chair designs by konstantin grcic replaced with the exclusive “repeat classic houndstooth”; a pattern by designer hella jongerius and textile by hil driessen. the producer classicon, the textile manufacturer kvadrat as well as the designer were excited about the results. ultimately, bodegom’s passion ignited the same excitement in his clients.

photo esther van der wallen, meesterlijk 2013